Safety and Security

The safety and security of our passengers is our #1 priority.

Below are a few things we do to ensure your safety and security:

Passenger security

Voom requires operators to implement a variety of measures to ensure the security of all passengers. This includes mandatory passenger identification checks at helipads, safety briefings and protocols designed to keep passengers safe and secure through the entirety of their travel experience.


Voom requires all operators to fly modern, well-equipped helicopters that are operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable regulatory and OEM requirements.


Voom requires all helipad operators to be fully licensed and all helipads to be operated in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines.


We only invite best-in-class helicopter operators to participate in the Voom network. Furthermore, each operator must be fully licensed by the local government aviation authorities to conduct air taxi flights. In industry speak, this means that they are “Part 135 certified” – the highest qualification level available for commercial helicopter operators.

This qualification sets exacting standards including aircraft, pilot and flight management requirements. Additionally, each operator in the Voom network must pass an independent third-party audit prior to commencing service.