São Paulo
Voom currently runs between convenient locations in the city center (Blue Tree Faria Lima and Campo de Marte) as well as to and from the airports (Guarulhos and Congonhas). Flights run Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm. These routes and business hours are subject to change based on season, demand and customer preferences.
Voom does not own or operate any helicopters, and is not an "air taxi" service. Voom connects passengers through our mobile website with fully-licensed (RBAC 135) helicopter operators certified by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) who are fully responsible for your flight.
You can book your ground transportation with our partner Cabify via the Voom platform on the flight confirmation page. For Guarulhos airport, Voom provides transportation from the helipad to the passenger terminal.
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 7am - 8pm
Example Routes
Itaim → Guarulhos
From R$240
Average time: 15 minutes
Itaim → Congonhas
From R$162
Average time: 7 minutes
Brooklyn → Guarulhos
From R$272
Average time: 17 minutes
Jaguaré → Congonhas
From R$178
Average time: 8 minutes
Santana → Congonhas
From R$194
Average time: 9 minutes
Helipad Locations
Aeroporto de Guarulhos
Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/n - Cumbica
Guarulhos - SP
Campo de Marte
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1078 - Jadim São Bento
São Paulo - SP
Aeroporto de Congonhas
Av. Washington Luís, s/n - Vila Congonhas
São Paulo - SP
Heliporto Helicidade
Av. Onófrio Milano, 186 - Jaguare
São Paulo - SP
Blue Tree Hotel - Faria Lima
Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 3989 - Itaim Bibi
São Paulo - SP
Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel
Av. Nações Unidas, 12559 - Brooklin Novo
São Paulo - SP
Helicopter Operators
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1078
Setor C, Lote 5 - Santana
São Paulo - SP
São Paulo Airport (Campo de Marte)
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1078 - Santana
São Paulo - SP
Congonhas National Airport
R. Haroldo Paranhos, 400 - Jardim Aeroporto
São Paulo - SP
Aeromaster Táxi Aéreo
Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1078
Setor C - Lote 7 - Santana
São Paulo - SP
What You Need to Know
Cancellation Window
We offer a short cancellation window upon booking. Once you receive a text confirmation, you will be charged the full fare even if you are unable to complete the flight.
You will need to present an ID before boarding the helicopter.
Check-in Time
Please arrive at the helipad 15 minutes prior to your scheduled boarding time.
When you book your journey, we will let you know how many carry-on and checked bags you can bring with you.
Pets are generally not allowed on Voom flights.
Get in Touch
The Voom Concierge team is here to make your helicopter journey safe, efficient and memorable. Our Concierges are available from 7am - 8pm Monday through Friday to answer any question you may have.
+55 (11) 4280-5344