Congonhas Airport (CGH)

Congonhas Airport is conveniently located 15 minutes away from São Paulo Expo, a popular events venue. It is also conveniently located near premium restaurants and shops.

Access instructions

If you are inside the airport, please proceed to Gate C at the boarding terminal (in front of Cacau Show Chocolate Store) and a TAM Aviação Executiva attendant will meet and escort you to the helicopter hangar. If you are coming from a different destination, proceed to TAM Aviação Executiva hangar, located at Rua Jorge Faleiros, 250 (roundabout at the end of the street). Please introduce yourself as a Voom passenger and you will be escorted to the private reception area. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

Exit instructions

A dedicated shuttle will be arranged upon your arrival and will take you to the boarding area inside the airport.


Voom provides complimentary ground transportation between the hangar and the passenger terminal at Congonhas Airport. If you need, TAM's hangar offers a parking space exclusively for Voom customers. For more information, please contact Voom's Concierge Team at [email protected]

Rua Jorge Faleiros, 250 (Aeroporto de Congonhas) São Paulo, SP
What You Need to Know
Cancellation Window
We offer a cancellation window up to 24 hours before your boarding time. Past this time, you will be charged the full fare even in the event you are unable to complete the flight.
When you book your journey, we will let you know how many personal items and bags you can bring with you. Please note that our definitions of personal items and bags differ from that of commercial airlines.
Check-in Time
Please arrive at the helipad 15 minutes prior to your scheduled boarding time.
You will need to present an ID before boarding the helicopter.
Pets are generally not allowed on Voom flights.
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