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What is Voom?

Voom is the world's first truly on-demand helicopter booking platform. With Voom, you can book a journey on a helicopter affordably - up to 80% less than traditional helicopter services - in just a few clicks. Book and take off in as little as 60 minutes. Or, if you prefer, book your journey up to 7 days in advance.

Voom does not own or operate any helicopters, helipads, and is not an "airfield" service provider. We are a platform that connects you, the rider, with trusted and licensed air taxi companies in your city.

How does Voom work?
It is easy! Go to, select your departure and arrival points, your preferred travel date and boarding time, and book your journey. Arrive at the helipad 15 minutes ahead of departure. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.
What makes Voom different?
Voom is the only service in Sao Paulo where you can book a helicopter journey online (no phone calls required) on-demand - up until one hour before your desired departure time. Our riders can fly for up to 80 percent less than traditional helicopter services - about the cost of a private car service.
Where and when does Voom fly?

Voom currently runs between convenient locations in the city center as well as to and from the international and domestic airports. To see exactly where and when we fly, please see here. These helipads and business hours are subject to change based on season, demand and customer preferences.

Does Voom own or operate the helicopters or the helipads?
No, Voom does not own or operate any helicopters or helipads, and is not an "air taxi" service provider. Voom connects you with licensed helicopter and helipad operators, who are fully responsible for the operation of the helipads on which you will land and take off during your flight.
Does Voom provide ground transportation to departure and from arrival points?
You can book your ground transportation with one of our partners via the Voom platform on the flight confirmation page. At some airport terminals, Voom provides transportation from the helipad to the passenger terminal.