Imagine soaring over rush-hour traffic on your way to work. This would be a dream come true for anyone who has endured a commute in any of the world's largest cities. It's no secret that rush-hour traffic can be insufferable. And unfortunately, given the forecasted increase in urban population, the problem is only expected to get worse. Traffic costs local economies billions of dollars every year. And aside from the financial impact, we know that traffic has a real, and negative, impact on commuters' health. Voom is looking skyward with a radical concept that will relieve urban congestion and its detrimental consequences today.
Voom has developed a mobile platform that makes the dreams of commuters come true... fly over traffic jams with the tap of a button. Voom has built one of the world's first truly on-demand helicopter services that will provide its travelers the ultimate in convenience and reliability, yet does so in the most affordable and accessible way.
Voom, a strategic initiative of A^3, the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus Group, is elevating travelers' daily lives by uplifting their daily commutes.
CabiFly: Voom e Cabify fazem parceria e oferecem experiência de viagem aérea mais conveniente.
O que a Voom e a Cabify têm em comum é a missão de melhorar a experiência das viagens urbanas. Por isso, estamos felizes em anunciar a parceria que irá oferecer serviços inigualáveis de transporte terrestre-aéreo. A colaboração chamada “CabiFly” será lançada inicialmente em São Paulo, permitindo que
CabiFly: Voom and Cabify partner to provide travelers the ultimate in convenience.
Voom and Cabify share a common mission — to improve the urban travel experience. Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership to deliver a seamless ground-to-air travel experience. The partnership, named “CabiFly,” now officially launched in São Paulo, will enable Paulistanos to book door-to-d
Infográfico: Resultados dos 100 dias de operação da Voom
Hoje a Voom comemora seu 100º dia de operações em São Paulo e, enquanto estamos só no começo da nossa missão de melhorar as viagens diárias dos paulistas, já é possível perceber o impacto que a Voom tem causado na vida dos passageiros. Aproveitamos a celebração deste marco para refletir e compartilha