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São Paulo's most affordable on-demand helicopter booking platform.
How it Works
Step1 1x
Enter your starting and ending address and we will find the nearest helipad.
Step2 1x
Select your preferred boarding day and time. Fly when you want - today, tomorrow or another day this week.
Step3 1x
Arrive at the helipad 15 minutes before your scheduled boarding time.
Where we fly
São Paulo, Brazil
Why drive when you can fly?
Fly when you want. Book a journey for today or another day this week.
Fly for up to 80% less than traditional helicopter services. Fly for the same price as a private car service.
Book within seconds via our mobile website. No phone calls required.
Get to the airport from downtown in as little as 15 minutes. Beats sitting in traffic for 3 hours.
Safe and Licensed
Safety is our top priority. We only partner with the most trusted and accredited RBAC 135 air taxi companies.
Flight Planning: What you need to know
Cancellation Window:
We offer a short cancellation window upon booking. Once you receive a text confirmation, you will be charged the full fare even if you are unable to complete the flight.
When you book your journey, we will let you know how many carry-on and checked bags you can bring with you.
You will need to present an ID before boarding the helicopter.
Pets are generally not allowed on Voom flights.
Check-in Time:
Please arrive at the helipad 15 minutes prior to your scheduled boarding time.